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M2M Process 1

1. Gathering and Analyzing

Mind2Minds team gets busy to conduct a needs analysis with you. A detailed study of the client company and project needs gives us a deep perspective of the project’s requirements. Once the details are gathered and the analysis report is ready Mind2Minds will generate a proposal that will include all design, functionality, timeline, budget, and payment related information of the project. There are no Standard Features in the Mind2Minds web framework. Mind2Minds team uses different tools for creating and designing a prototype/draft of the project. This document will contain customized designs as per the client’s specific requirement, quoted cost and the functionality to be delivered.


M2M Process 2

2. Project Take Off

Mind2Minds will arrange a take-off meeting with the client and the assigned project manager. This is where the client will learn about each step and milestone of the project. All the expectations and the needs will be set and the client will have a full understanding of the process. The Client will need to answer all the questions related to the likes and dislikes of the design. A link will be given to the client where he can have a better perspective of the project’s designs and functionality. The feedback given by the client will be used by our designer and developer. This will give our team a better understanding of how to layout and design the interface.


M2M Process 3

3. Graphical Design

Graphical design isn’t just about style and look. It's about finding an effective way to communicate your message. The graphical designs are usually created using different graphical tools depending on the client’s needs and preferences. We create one example of each of the major section templates. It includes any additional design elements required for the development phase. The development phase is initiated only when the designs are 100% approved by the client after reviewing it. Mind2Minds will help you to define a new look with a complete corporate identity.


M2M Process 4

4. Development

Depending on the scope of the project it could be the longest or the shortest phase. From the initial shell coding of the site to the development and integration of the dynamic backend, most of the major developments take place in this phase. When the database demo is released to the client he would need to review and communicate the necessary changes back to the Mind2Minds team to ensure all the functionality is included and functions as per the agreed terms. Any out of the scope revisions requested will be reviewed and will go through our Project Manager and the change control team. If there is minimal impact on the development then it will be accepted without incurring additional costs. In the other case, the additional costs will be agreed upon by the client and Mind2Minds.


M2M Process 5

5. Quality Assurance

Mind2Minds Quality Assurance team tests each feature outlined in the project requirements document. Ensuring that the project works as planned, it also checks for the user-friendliness and industry standards. The team also tests the project on multiple platforms and browsers to ensure compatibility. All the inconsistencies and discrepancies will be noted and assigned to the team for resolution.


M2M Process 6

6. User Acceptance Testing

Once our team approves the project it is up for your approval. Report any inconsistencies or any issues to our Project Manager. He will work with our QA team to resolve the issues. The team will retest it prior to handing it over to you for further testing. Client satisfaction is our main aim.


M2m Process 7

7. Showtime

It's time to finally install the web site or project for the real show. The project will be handed over to the client for final approval. Once it is approved the live installation on the server will be done as specified in the proposal.


M2M Process 8

8. Keep it Up and Working

Nobody is perfect. If a bug arises you can contact the Mind2Minds, and our development team will fix the bug. If upgrades are requested we can implement and re-test it prior to making them live. You have full support from Mind2Minds even after the project and all material related to it is handed over to you.


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